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As of 2020, the world has gone through some remarkable changes. Conversations around the climate crisis were intensified by the Covid-19 pandemic. We reached a breaking point. There is less demand for public transport, but the environment needs fewer car journeys.

Our story

A unique perspective and expertise

Craig McDonald, founder of Evari, grew up racing BMX and motocross at a young age, and for the last 30 years mountain biking has been a constant thread throughout his life. After 20 years working in design and production, he saw how good product design, engineering and e-bikes could be a key factor in changing the way we travel. So he assembled a team of bike enthusiasts, product designers, bike engineers and his own production team, and returned to his cycling roots with a unique perspective and expertise.

Close relationships with CPI (centre for Process Innovation) and AMRC (Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre) in the UK have been key to Research & Development over the last few years. This knowledge and experience in High Value Manufacturing will continue to be a valuable relationship for our team as it expands over the coming years.

Design Philosophy

Where cycling meets world-class design

The Evari e-bike’s distinctive aesthetic is the result of approaching bike design with the meticulous engineering and attention to detail you would normally find in the premium automotive industry.

The lightweight carbon fibre frame is streamlined and minimalist, with beautiful lines and curves uninterrupted by loose cables and bolt-on accessories.

The use of carbon fibre throughout the project is key to:

• Offset the additional weight causing by e components

• Creating a minimalist design aesthetic

Sustainability - Worlds better for the environment

Environmental awareness is at the heart of what we do: crafting performance e-bikes that inspire people to leave the car at home

We’re committed to sustainability, which is why we’ve developed a product with longevity, rather than throwaway parts. We minimise our waste output throughout production, and form partnerships that allow us to recycle materials where possible.

Aside from the reduction of global emissions through diminishing car dependency, we are committed to operating our business as a net carbon neutral business across the board.

Carbon Fibre Recycling

We are making it part of our mission to reduce the amount of carbon fibre bikes ending up in landfill

Problem:Each year throughout the world, thousands of carbon fibre products needlessly end up in landfill. Not only is this unsustainable for the environment, it's totally unnecessary as carbon fibre can in fact have a second life.


The current method for recycling carbon fibre consists of cutting the existing product into smaller sections. It’s then heated to an extremely high temperature in an oxygen free environment to burn off the epoxy resin that holds the fibres together. Resulting in shorter fibres with the same properties as the original product. This can then be used in a variety of other products.

Evari bikes pledge to recycle any end of use carbon products that are returned back to us by our customers.

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