Greenspace creates a timeless identity for forward-thinking mobility brand Evari.

Evari founder, Craig McDonald and Greenspace CEO, Adrian Caddy share a long history having first collaborated on the Honda F1 Earth Car, and the championship winning Brawn GP Formula 1 team in 2009. ‘When Craig came to our studio to show us the bike first hand we were blown away’ says Caddy, ‘and from day one it was something we were all hugely excited to be a part of’.

McDonald grew up racing BMX and building bikes before embarking on a 20-year career as a filmmaker and product designer. Seeing how product design, engineering and e-bikes could be a key factor in changing the way we travel, McDonald has assembled an expert team of bike enthusiasts, designers and engineers to create a mobility brand with a long-term focus on sustainability. The ultimate ambition for Evari is in McDonald’s words, “to change the way people move”. He has tracked the way electric motor and battery technology was evolving over the last 5 years and this gave him the belief that it would be possible to design and engineer a new e-bike that could, “encourage drivers out of their cars, and onto a bike, thereby freeing up city centres, reduce emissions for the benefit of everyone.”

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Greenspace was appointed in 2018 to work closely with the Evari team to develop its brand strategy, visual identity and creative communications. Greenspace devised the brand strategy and legacy idea that signals Evari’s commitment to design simplicity, elegance and high-quality engineering, alongside an energising riding experience summarised as; ‘Arrive Above’. ‘Capturing the riding experience within the brand expression was at the forefront of our thinking’ says Caddy. The notable feeling of lift-off from the electric motor has been embodied in a timeless, modernist symbol of a bird in flight. The ‘E-bird’ references a swift, known for its speed, strength and agility, whilst the marque is made from two concentric circles referencing the bike’s construction.

There’s a sense of assertiveness that underpins the brands quintessentially British values of understatement, sophistication and performance. The bespoke mono-weight typeface used in the Evari wordmark and accompanying numeral set takes its visual cues from the geometry of the bike, evoking a sense of fluidity and strength. This sense of Britishness is enhanced through a rich secondary colour palette inspired by the British terrain the bike is designed to ride through and a dramatic, aspirational photography style that showcases the things an Evari enables you to do. These striking photographs are paired with abstract photographic textures that further articulate riding experience.

McDonald says, “Our customers and supply chain love the brand idea, ‘Arrive Above’ because in two words it says so much about Evari. We are a pioneering mobility brand, embodying the quintessential British values of understatement, sophistication and performance. It’s a unique and distinctive positioning that helps us stand out in a highly competitive marketplace.”

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