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Total Electronic Integration

Evari Drive System


The highly refined, high compression, carbon monocoque frame at the core of each Evari bike is designed to offset additional e-component weight, making it one of the lightest e-bikes on the market

A monocoque system can best be characterised as a structural skin – think of it as a simple streamlined frame that cleverly houses the key e-bike components within.

Furthermore, we manufacture our frames using a super-smooth-wall EPS mould system. The EPS patented inner mold curing technology ensures a smooth inner structural surface which is uniformly compressed and completely void free, even around the tightest of curves.

We call this Carbon Monocoque+ and it's at the heart of all our bikes.


Simplicity doesn’t stop at the frame design. In order to make Evari a convenient mode of transport, it’s built to require minimal maintenance

All four models come equipped with a Gates carbon belt drive, so there’s no rust or grease to contend with. EDS is a collection of innovative components including bespoke snubbers to stop the belt from slipping, tensioners to keep it taut for ultimate efficiency and carbon drop-outs to allow swappable hub gears.


The seamless design of the frame is enhanced by Evari’s Total Electronic Integration (TEI) system. All external lights, cables and bolt-on accessories are housed within the body of the frame

This includes the Bosch Kiox computer concealed within the top tube, the internalised hub gear cables (in the R model), and the one-piece cockpit with its integrated front light. What results is a beautiful, minimalist frame and cockpit.

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