The next generation of e-bikes.

We’ve reimagined the e-bike by approaching the design with a meticulous attention to detail.  Everything from the bikes aesthetic, to engineering and digital integration has been carefully crafted to give a user experience like no other.


Introducing the 856, an e-bike like no other

The lightweight carbon fibre frame is streamlined and integrated, with beautiful lines and curves uninterrupted by loose cables and bolt-on accessories. To add to this we've brought together the best component manufacturers in the world, including Bosch, Rohloff, DT Swiss, Magura, Selle Italia and Supernova, to bring you a beautifully engineered, high specification, next generation e-bike.

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About Evari Bikes

We are a pioneering mobility brand, embodying the quintessential British values of understatement, sophistication and performance

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Design Principals

Our 856 composite frames are built around three key design principles:

Principal 1


To withstand the  forces created by an e-bike's additional weight, speed and braking forces.

Principal 2


Industry leading stiffness-to-weight ratio frame which is very evident in the ride quality and handling, whilst offsetting additional e-component weight.

Principal 3


Design – To provide a beautiful form, streamlined and fully integrated, with beautiful lines and curves uninterrupted by loose cables and bolt-on accessories.

Evari Connect

When you buy an Evari e-bike, you’ll also gain access to our accompanying iOS app ‘Connect’. It gives you everything you need at the touch of a button.Whether you want to examine your ride data or plan a new route, you’ll find this and more in Evari Connect. What’s more, you can have your questions answered, learn how to maintain your bike, and even shop for upgrades. You’ll get premium Evari support, every step of the way.

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The future of mobility

Worlds better for the environment

With issues such as climate change and covid 19, it has become clear  we need modes of transport that are carbon neutral whilst retaining your freedom to move when and where you want. Part of our inspiration for Evari was to create an e-bike that you could commute to work with,  take on holiday or simply go for a ride. A versatile vehicle for every facet of your life.

Furthermore we are constantly looking at all our manufacturing techniques and supply chains to see where we can improve sustainability.

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