Introducing the 856 performance engineered e-bike

Carbon fibre monocoque frame, Bosch CX Performance line motor and  integrated Powertube 500 battery, the 856  takes you further for longer.


About Evari Bikes

A pioneering e-bike brand, embodying the quintessential values of understatement, sophistication & performance

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Design Principals

Our 856 composite frames are built around three key design principles:

Principal 1


To withstand the  forces created by an e-bike's additional weight, speed and braking forces.

Principal 2


Industry leading stiffness-to-weight ratio frame which is very evident in the ride quality and handling, whilst offsetting additional e-component weight.

Principal 3


Design - To provide a beautiful form, streamlined and
fully integrated, with lines and curves uninterrupted by loose cables and bolt on accessories.


Beautifully helpful

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The Evari Connect app is designed around widgets which give you the power to easily customise the information you see from journey to journey.

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